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Turkish lira 2211-97222708-5001 TR 0500 0100 2211 9722 2708 5001
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Odak is a Non-Governmental Organization that is not affiliated with any religion, sect or political formation. It focuses on providing humanitarian assistance and various social services to people struggling with economic difficulties, affected by disasters or conflicts, victims of forced migration.

To Aid in Kind

Donate clothing for our children living in Refugee Camps.
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To the Food Kits

Be a guest at iftar tables. Support our Ramadan kits delivery.
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To a Smile

Support our projects that touch lives in orphanages and nursing homes.
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Touch Dreams

On this path we set out so that every child we can reach can dream, Odak – Der contributes to projects that touch and stand by our children's education, sports and artistic lives in Turkey. 

stronger together

In order to strengthen the coordination of the helping hand delivered to the communities affected by disasters and conflicts, with the fight against poverty, it implements projects for the development of Capacity of Civil Society in cooperation with other humanitarian organizations, public institutions, universities and the private sector.

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Oğuzlar Mah. Süleyman Hacıabdullahoğlu Caddesi no:42 Balgat Çankaya Ankara